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Fascinating Features of Automated Web To Print Software

Experience the most fascinating features of our intellectual AWD.

Simple and smooth user-friendly interface

Our AWTP tool would never let your customers complicate their work! Yes. With a smooth and simple user-friendly interface, the customers can access our software even with zero technical knowledge.

Satisfy customers with instant onscreen virtual preview.

This feature is really a delight to your customers where they get a chance to preview their product virtually within seconds, thereby making them satisfied and come back to you.

Safety line to safeguard design

Your customer may not be aware of crop marks and bleeds which is why we offer a special safety line feature which helps safeguard their design from being cut or cropped.

Universal measurements

When measurements are made universal there is a trouble free experience which is what we believe in. Our super smart AWD software follows a set of universal codes and measurements that are easily understandable, thereby making your customers even happier and picks you as their preference.

We suit your business! Whatever it may be!

Is your mind filled with any of the below questions.

I run a solo printing business where all orders are executed from end-to- end within our warehouse.

I am an organizer of a printing business where we ship our own branded products from our warehouse and only order transactions happen with multiple vendors.

I have a printing hub where customers get to choose their own vendors and place their orders for their print materials.

A single print commerce platform

Customers prefer choice! Why don’t you provide them when our AWD software is here! Within a single platform give a wide assortment of ‘printing vendor’ choices to your customers where they can choose, compare price and make an order. Also integrate small printing vendors together to offer a wide range of services to your customers.

Customer Order
Order Processing

Use AWD as a customizer

Never set limits to your customer when AWD offers you a customization option where you almost customize anything – letterheads, envelopes, greeting cards, wedding invitation, business cards, covers, tags, flyers, anything and everything that fits in the printing industry could be customized by your customer with AWD in his hands..

Manage Printers efficiently

Give your customers the power to take control over their printers with our AWD tool which features a strong and powerful admin facility. With this effective management of printers is guaranteed within seconds.

Checkup your printer's health

A periodic health report to assure your printer’s strength.

Notify you on service

We ping you right before the service dates and notify about the free Serviceman available.

Manage your printer activities

Have a keen eye on your printer's day-to-day activity and also update you the current status.

The creative mechanism

So, how does our AWD work! A complete and comprehensive HTML5 canvas fabric JS designer tool, that helps your customer create his design effortlessly within seconds. All they have to do is select a Card! Design it! Have a Preview! Satisfied! Order. Sounds Simple!!!

AWD Designer Highlights

Irresistible reasons that would tempt you to choose AWD for your printing business

100+ Fonts

Catch out the industry’s latest and best 100+ fonts for free.

Pixel free designs

All your customer needs is to fix a design element in position without worrying about the pixels. Coz, we are Pixel perfect!

Import your own image

From nook and corner, is it a PC, or social media like facebook, Instagram etc., give an option to your customer to upload any picture he likes with just a click through our AWD tool.

Fix Your Art Works

Do your customers have a pre designed logos and art work! Let them upload their works at ease with our AWD tool within seconds.

Provide suggestions

Our AWD helps your customers provide suggestions for their designs by providing a note where one could fill in their comments.


Hi, Please contact me before starting the production, So that i can share few of my ideas.

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