Starting up a mobile case store – Is that easy

True that one could hardly find an individual without a smart phone and internet!

Mobile phones have become almost like our sixth finger! You heard that right!

When mobiles have turned a basic amenity in the lives of human beings, mobile cases have become easy to source and appeal to people who are looking to inject a creativity aspect into their most sought after device.

Why do we tell you to develop business with these mobile cases?

Well, making business with smartphone cases really constitute quite a lot of benefits!

Low production cost, better margins, easy to hold inventory (due to small size), possibility to sell offline and online!

In order to devise a strategy to cover the mobile users in a broader aspect, you need to keep yourself more updated and sync with your customer’s demands and requirements, failing which, would result in the termination of your product by the customer. To prevent this scenario, study the customer’s preference from deep roots and then manipulate them in a way beyond their expectations.

Though the barricades to enter the market are not that huge, for sure there is going to be a heavy competition. And to withstand just a small piece of audience research would really help in a drastic manner.

Having any of these questions running through your mind?

  • Where could I sell my mobile cases?
  • What are the different types of phone cases out in the market?
  • Where could I find designs for phone cases?
  • How to make popular phone case designs?
  • How should I make my customers design their own cases?

Puzzled with these questions! Worry not, when you have decided that making and selling phone cases is your forte. There you are! Landed in the right place!!!

Types of Phone Cases

Coming to the types of phone cases, there is actually a multitude of options. Some cases offer protection and some act just like a second skin to the mobile. Some are just bland in design while others are visually appealing.

Acquaint yourself with some of the types of mobile cases:

  • Folio or wallet cases


Protecting the mobile screen from dust and scratches is the prime objective of these bumper cases which resemble a small notebook in appearance.

Some can function as a stand to prop up your phone while it may even be used as a wallet to store cash or credit cards.

The leather is generally used in the manufacture of these mobile cases, which makes it quite expensive from the other types of cases. But customers are enticed with the price because of its features. 

  • Slim and gel cases


Posing as one of the cheapest phone cases which could be implemented with customized designs, slim cases, and gel cases will surely be an instant hit among your audience. The eye-catchy design makes the mobile appear more or less like a fashion accessory. Also, an additional grip is added to the phone due to the flexible, rubbery silicone gel material.

  • Bumper cases


Bumper cases vary from slim gel cases in the physical properties. These cases generally cover the sides and border of the mobile phone but the material is hard and resistant to shock thereby giving a complete protection to the mobile from digs and scratches.

The only drawback of these bumper cases is that they secure only the sides thereby restricting protection to the mobile on the whole.

  • Battery cases


The repetitive complaint from many of the mobile users is that their mobile phones drain their battery charge at a faster rate. Hence these battery cases will be a good option to these users who have complaints with the battery life.

Though this might be very much expensive than other cases, it is the most preferred solution to extend battery life.

Focus on selected devices

This is quite different from the selection of mobile cases. Here you actually need to focus on the devices you are planning to work on. This could really create a niche in your market and make you more successful in the industry.

The decision is purely based on your choice where you need to decide which would suit or cater you the best. Either you could do a market research on the smartphones and spot the phones that still remain latent. You could really uncover their market business at the mean time improving your business side by side.

The next thing you ought to focus is that demographic research, have a thorough research on the people of the particular are so that your business is a hit among the local people. For example, sales of I phone mobile cases will never work out in a rural area where people occasionally buy expensive mobiles. Hence to remain on a safer side it is better to do an in-depth research both on demography and market before entering the fierce competition.

  • Source out your designs and become popular:

The best thing you can do to improve your business is sourcing out your designs to the common public by posting your designs on image-oriented social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Never forget to use engagement with the visitors of your post through likes, shares, and comments. Select the viral designs and use them to improve business.

How to obtain the mobile Cases that are made earlier?

When you really get the feeling that your designs are good and it is time to bring them to life, give a thought to these tactics:

  • Online sales

Online stores are the best to earn more profit and also act as a channel to lure in more customers towards you. Now that you’ve figured out your market, your product, and your supply chain, it’s time to figure out how and where to sell your phone cases.

Either select a marketplace like Amazon or Flipkart or start your very own e-store. Ensure you tie up with the best product designer tool in the industry so that your complexity level of handling a business is reduced in a larger scale.

Market yourself marketable:

Wondering how you could market the product of yours to the public. Well, here are some sure shot strategies that would help you gain success:

  • SEO – The search engine marketing is always a better option to reach out to people on a broader scale; especially the smart. Make sure that your customers would be able to land in at the relevant page once they click the link.
  • Advertise through social media – Be sure to attract the netizens to your site and business by making commercial advertisements through posts and tweets. Also, ensure that you reach the maximum number of people through social media since the base is actually larger than you have actually expected.
  • Be specific – Be more specific while writing the blogs and articles about your product. Appeal the customers a way beyond your designs. Make them think you are the best choice among others through your projection. 

A word on features like water-resistant, the type of material is really going to impact your business in a huge manner.

All set to go!

Hope you have gained insights on the doubts regarding mobile case business.

Fear not for your competitors!

You have got a potential to overcome all these challenges. Unleash the zeal within you.

Start up an online mobile case customizer store! Make business with the best product designer tool software and ensure you relish the fruit of success.




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