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Explore The Features In AppCustomizer 2.1

  • Front End Features
  • Admin Features
  • Unlimited-custom-options Unlimited Custom Options

    Now, store owners can setup unlimited custom options (like size, weight, color etc...) to any premade products. And have option to set additional prices for each option. There by providing facility to manage wide range of product lineup within a single eCommerce application. Provide your customers a comfortable shopping experience by letting them to choose as per their shopping taste.

  • Dynamic-ad-banners
    Dynamic Ad Banners

    Ad Banners are the attention seekers that hold your customers on your page. Current eCommerce trend sets in - Dynamic Ad Banners which have the power of converting the deals into purchase. We know that visualizing the old repeating banners are tiresome; and so we screw the engine to marquee variety of ad banners. Thus the customers have the probability of viewing more number of ads inducing them to buy. AppCustomizer’s Admin Panel has elegant dynamic ad banners wherein it provides you a crystal clear easy way to add the banners to your page.

  • Offerzone-bg Offer Zone

    “If I buy, what you gonna offer me?” is a quite common expectation of any customer on any eCommerce platform, be it apparel or provisions or anything. ‘Offer’ is a magical spell that gives shopping orders a new spectrum. AppCustomizer provides you an out-of-the-box solution set, wherein it allows you to create either coupon codes or discount rates by promotion URLs. In addition, AppCustomizer has a dedicated page for offers, thus allow you to have a look over entire offers at a glance.

  • Ajax-search-facility
    Advanced Search

    The extended search provides the customers the exact product that they actually look for. AppCustomizer’s Ajax built technology helps customers to search for products in a refined way at one stretch. Without refreshing the page and in no time, customers can view the product images, added that they can conclude on shopping before scrolling for more varieties.

  • Offerzone-bg Multi-Color & Various Sizes

    AppCustomizer has built-in multi-color products ranging all sizes. Thus allowing customers to choose various sizes in multi-colors at one stretch of shopping, wherein every customer would love this feature indeed. In addition, our admin panel manages the minimum number of orders in order to make the customer's deal a happy shopping. As in reverse, it also helps the administrator in adding multiple products to the cart for deal execution and in maintaining the stock at ease.

  • Size-chart
    Dynamic Size Guide

    A survey among the customer's feedback states that they are not able to assure on online shopping as the sizes might not fit them. But the matter of fact is on dynamic size guide which tables right numbers for all sizes. Apparently, with the help of this size guide, customers can have a solid online shopping. AppCustomizer allows to add this guide at the admin panel at a click for stress-free reference.

  • Offerzone-bg Google Rich snippet

    ‘Structured Data Mark-up’ is right technical way to annotate the site content in which search engines can index it. Site content assembled with Structured Data Mark-up delivers data to index site matter in the most prominent way. Hence google can display the indexed site content on top of the search result’s first page. Here in AppCustomizer, we organize all the possible structured data with specific mark-up tags to induce search engines to read the web pages in a more thoughtful way. Adding that, the data gets highlighted over search results thus brings-in large crew of customers.

  • Instant-design-proof
    Design Preview

    Once after designing and adding the product to cart, AppCustomizer displays a crystal clear preview of the product for customer’s confident shopping. On clicking over preview image, it gets open in a new tab with enlarged image, so that the customer can have a definite check over the selected / designed product before confirming the order. Furthermore, the image will be added in customer’s dashboard so that they can view the image even after placing the order for future reference.

  • Offerzone-bg Social Login

    Registering on any website with username and password is a biggest challenge to recall. AppCustomizer brushes out this downfall by default sync with social login such as facebook and google plus. It is as simple as choco unwrap to configure the social login with admin panel and one can enable or disable as per their wish at one-single click.

  • Production-time
    Production Time

    Production time is the top important feature for customizable product (online) store which stands for loyalty. AppCustomizer provides you a tranquil system to manage ‘Production Time’, wherein it allows setting additional charges for every execution of ‘production time’ you set. And the customers can choose their own delivery time from the shopping cart as per one’s requisite.

  • Offerzone-bg Multiple Sizes To Cart

    Quite uncommon from rest of the eCommerce sites, AppCustomizer allows you to add multiple sizes of one customized product individually. As a hassle free online shopping, customers can view and preview all the available sizes at one browse and can add multiple sizes of same product to the cart on a single click. Also, they can view the total cost of all selected products before placing the order.

  • Custom-attributes-management
    Custom Options Management

    Custom options is one of the most important feature for any customizable product lineup. In this version 2.1, we have added provision in the admin panel to add unlimited custom options. You can also group the custom options that helps you to easily assign custom option groups to any new products. And can also add price for each custom options seperately.

  • Table Rate Shipping Option

    Tabel rate shipping method helps the admin to calculate shipping price more prominently than ever. It contains two options "Weight vs Destination" and "Price vs Destination". Both will be handy based on your requirement. And also customers will have a clear idea of how the shipping charge is calculated while this option get displayed in the checkout process. As a store admin, you will have a bulk upload option(CSV upload) to update the shipping price in either of this two types in table rate shipping method.

  • Admin-fonts-management
    Fonts Management

    AppCustomizer admin panel is packed with set of controls to manage all the front end features. Font management is one among them, which is the top essential feature for custom designing. Font management system allows you to design your product with desired font style, wherein you can add/edit new style of fonts. Also, it allows doing multiple actions such as status updating, deleting old records, account refreshing etc.

  • Cliparts Management

    Cliparts are the ornamental feature of any custom design packet. AppCustomizer has in-built clipart library wherein you can manage or organize cliparts as per the desired designs. Also you can create more number of clipart categories and sub-categories. Adding that it allows you to execute multiple actions in regard to overall clipart management at one stretch.

  • Admin-product-import
    Product Import Management

    Adding products one by one to the showcase, don’t you feel that it is such a ridiculous job? Appcustomizer provides you the facility of importing products wherein you can add even thousand numbers in fraction of minute. Moreover, as an odd man out special, AppCustomizer is coded with structured algorithm that notifies you in case of any error on CSV file uploading with exact line number and error data. Hence products importing to the store is now stress-free job.

  • Multi Color Management

    Tired of painting your chosen product with multi-colors? AppCustomizer’s well-thought-out structure allows you to colour each of your products with multi-shades in a cool way. The parameters in AppCustomizer guides you a user friendly interface in selecting the shade from color-picker and applying it for many chosen products at one brush.

  • Admin-products-tire-pricing-management
    Products Tier Pricing

    Product tier pricing is the best force to thrust the sale deals and induce the customers to go for huge orders. AppCustomizer lists down the tier prices for products in a unique system, in which you can provide different tier prices for the products based upon customer's purchase quantity. Obviously it allures the customers to make orders in huge numbers with satisfying discount figures.

  • Content Management System

    Managing static content of online store is much more important as it equals to greater optimization. AppCustomizer which is integrated with CMS module paves the maintenance job in a restful way. You can create / update the static pages on your own and make the site up. Adding that, the app is featured with complete control over formation of web URLs, and integration of SEO tags supporting the right coin of search engine optimization.

  • Admin-ad-banner-management
    Ad Banners Management

    Marquee ad banners make the customers to chain follow your products as it both promotes the products and ends in big sale too. Survey states that enticing ad banners delivers more number of sale conversions. In no time, you can create elegant ad banners on AppCustomizer, for which you have to upload your brand product images that to be marquee providing with URL link to support your product page.

  • Advanced Sales Report

    As you all know that a sales report is a book of record on entire sales data. In particular, AppCustomizer’s advanced sales report provides you the complete information on your sales deals at one page on one-single click. You can generate reports by weekly, monthly-wise and also by precise date range. In specific, you can filter the data by product types, styles and category-wise to generate a narrow report. Apart from generating the reports, you can also download the files in CS format, nothing but excel form only.

  • Admin-seo-management
    SEO Management

    A complete SEO management is the one that rules over URL titles, meta tags by search engine friendly to rank the site up. AppCustomizer integrated with solid SEO management that optimizes the web pages; in which google analytic embeds your website from admin end by adding google analytic codes. Once it is done, your site will be ranked top on Google’s search results.

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