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What we show you might look too good to be true, but our team gets it happening day in and day out. And that’s why AppCustomizer looks inevitably nifty to e-store owners and designers around the globe.

team-member David Product Manager
team-member Tony Walvish Architect
team-member Jena Business Analyst
team-member Robert Scrum Master
team-member Maria QA Engineer
team-member Smith UI/UX Designer
team-member Thomas Senior Developer
team-member Harris Senior Developer

SMAC’s Best Product Of The Year Award 2016

Getting recognition for the hard work we have done adds-in as a boost to evolve ourselves in a broader aspect and helping us climb the ladder of success. We feel proud and deeply honored to share that our AppCustomizer was recognized as the Best Product of the Year 2016 SMAC. The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras felicitated us with this prestigious award.

issued at - IIT MADRAS, Feburary 2017, Chennai


"The one important thing I love about AppCustomizer is the value and individual attention they give to us. If you are at AppCustomizer, you will be encouraged to do the things any way you like it. You are free to experiment and apply new technologies like crazy."

- Thomas (Magento Developer)

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