Smart and Easily configurable admin

Set up the initial configuration for AppCustomizer easily with no prior technical knowledge within seconds. User friendly interface indeed!

Customize and manage fonts

AppCustomizer allows you manage any typefaces where you can sort, filter, preview, copy, and move, delete fonts, activate or deactivate fonts. Guess what! There is an option to add or link fonts to font groups. Pretty cool, huh!

Product management

Products are the heart and soul of a business. Manage it wisely with our smart AppCustomizer, quick, effective and in a user-friendly way. Add-on any attributes on the product grid and create mass product actions.

Clipart manager

With a wide collection of clipart to choose from, our AppCustomizer helps you customize as per your needs and requirements, thereby making you unique among others.

Attribute & price management

Characterize a product by imposing special attributes and price them as per your requirements within seconds with the help of our AppCustomizer attribute price manager.

Effortless order management

Whatever the platform be! Manage your orders effortlessly with our AppCustomizer and do business smartly.

Hassle free CSV import

Worried of bulk text uploads! Distress your stress, while our AppCustomizer does that for you within seconds through importing an excel sheet. More than 1000s of texts could be uploaded with just a click.



Order management

Explore easy routes to manage your customized orders with our intellectual AppCustomizer. Enjoy a hassle free experience through our order management system.

Preview and review your work

With enriched features, our AppCustomizer allows the administrator or production team to view the finalized customized design. The best part is that our order management module allows the production team to download the work for future reference.

Attributes specification

Each and every attribute utilized for customization like colors and fonts applied, custom uploads and texts are enlisted along with the order details, so that the admin is aware of his selections and could change it even at the last minute.

Print your design

Get access to download the final design for printing the customized product in various formats applicable with the help of our order management module.

    Other Admin Controls

  • 01. Invoices
  • 02. Credit Memos
  • 03. Shipments
  • 04. Comments Histroy
  • 05. Transaction

Customized attributes managed efficiently

As an AppCustomizer admin, you get to unlock free access in managing the artworks, fonts, texts and pictures right at your fingers in just a click.

Wise management of clipart categories

AppCustomizer helps you categorize the cliparts, thereby simplifying the search process. Bulk import of cliparts is made at ease by being an admin where you will be able to add, modify, and delete any clipart as per your requirements in the artwork category.

Scrutinize and manage your artwork section

Be it a PNG file format or a SVG file format, our AppCustomizer can just upload any artwork formats to your site. Also, you can add, edit, enable, disable, and remove any artworks by being an AppCustomizer admin.

Channelize your font categories

Whatever is the typeface, just select from the pre-loaded options or upload from your device, the choice is entirely left in the hands of the AppCustomizer admin where he can add, delete, swap, modify and alter the font category according to his needs. In simple, the admin customizes his font category as per his requirement.

Manage Fonts with ease

With an array of categorized fonts, it is easier to select the desired one by just typing the font name. Our AppCustomizer tool supports TTF format where bulk import of fonts is made possible within seconds, by being an admin.

Hassle free Color Management

A delightful factor here is that, our intellectual AppCustomizer provides you with universal color codes so that there is a common understanding amidst diversity. Also, there is a separate option where the message and product colors are selected as per requirement, thereby giving the customer a wide range of choice to choose from.

Manage Colors

AppCustomizer offers a ColorPicker tool to our Admins, where he can choose from a palette of colors by choosing a single prime color. Converting hexa to rgb within seconds is an additional feature for the admin. Not just this! The admin has the facility to add, edit, enable, disable or remove any colors he desire.

Universal PMS Color Codes

The strength of a successful AppCustomizer tool is maintaining a universal parameter so that it gets supported in all formats, thereby luring global audience into business. In this note, our AppCustomizer enables the use of universal Pantone color codes (PMS) for the message and product colors.

Manage your products in a simple way

Separate store for customized products and non-customized products! Not necessary! Sell both customized and non-customized products in a single platform with our AppCustomizer where customization for any product is easily configured by the AppCustomizer admin.

Customize your product attributes

Enable or disable front/back message, colors, artworks etc. by being an AppCustomizer admin where you also get a chance to configure the attribute of any customizable product.

Import CSV in a click

Don’t get perplexed when the list of artworks/fonts/colors gets bigger and bigger. AppCustomizer offers you a super smart import tool that manages the imports in just a click without ease, thereby releasing your stress. Follow our instructions and that would do.

Attributes Price & Configuration

Customize everything is what we follow and to support this we help you configure the attributes and price at the product level thereby lessening your burden.

Have a check over the Product Attributes

AppCustomizer admin has the power to add customizable products under any categories and he also could add custom options as per his business requirements. So, everything is at the hands of the admin where he has the full freedom to modify whatever he needs with just a click.

Customize the prize attribute

By particularly mentioning about the price of each and every attribute, the AppCustomizer Admin can be able to manage front message cost, back message cost, additional artwork cost, fonts cost etc. which will get reflected at the purchase time.

Access Control List

AppCustomizer utilizes the in-built Magneto feature which controls the accessibility of admin based on his hierarchy thereby helping to run a structured and organized business.

Designer Tool ACL Options

AppCustomizer has a clean ACL control which facilitates admin to grant required privileges for designers to manage fonts, artworks etc. which is the need of the hour.

With AppCustomizer you can help fulfill your #customer’s dreams of creating #bag designs they love for themselves…

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