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The power of customization catering to a wide range of products in the hands of customers.

Key Features Of The Tool

What makes Appcustomizer unique is the way it endows the customization process through numerous features that in turn enhances the creativity level.

Clipart Color Editor

360 Degree Angle Rotator

Curved Text

Text On Path

Text On Shape

Text Masking

Bridge Text

Stroke Adjustment

Letter Spacing

Curve Radius Adjustment

Image Effects

Image masking

Image Filters

Image Distress

Layer Management

DPI Adjustments

Handy Tools

Exclusive Attractions

Here is a detailed update on the features that makes the designer tool fully functional and ideal.

Countless Cliparts

Appcustomizer provides a remarkable customization experience even for the computer novices. Any product they wish to customize can be made more attractive using the cliparts from the in-built library. Users can pick from the 5000+ cliparts available just by clicking on them and get it on the product.

Personalized experience

Customization is the word at Appcustomizer. Apart from utilizing the numerous cliparts, customers are given the privilege to make further addition in the library on their own. They can make use of the various in built shapes and decorate the clipart using various image effects. Also, do we offer a colour palette through which recoloring of any SVG cliparts and artworks are possible.

Intriguing Text Effects

Text effects keep the product design stand apart. With Appcustomizer text editing options, pre-set and arbitrary sizing options can be altered. There is also letter and line spacing adjustment options. Arches and circle effects, raster based text effect abilities are some of the highlights.

Play it customized

A message in curved text looks stunning. Designer tool allows customers to make the text curved with options to change radius, spacing etc. Appcustomizer designer tool give bridge text options in which spacing and degrees can be adjusted. With our designer tool, you can convert the shape and spacing of the message to look like a valley.

QR Code Generator

The best part of AppCustomizer is that you could print your barcode on any merchandise you wish. Our super smart QR Code Generator helps you convert the input text into a QR code thereby making your work pretty simple and cool.

Magical experience

Be it a secret message, the url links, geo coordinates or anything that you wish to encode, QR code gives a discreet and mysterious experience. In addition to giving a novel feel to the product, QR codes comes as very handy as it doesn't require specific devices but most of the modern cell phones can scan them..

Secure On

Numbers, URL, E-mail, Text, etc.

Boundaries and beyond

To enhance the impact of the product, customers are provided with abundant selection of border designs. Any design or logo can be wrapped within custom shaped boundaries and placed in the product.

Ideal web to print solution

All merchandises available within Appcustomizer complies with universal measurements. What customers receive is exactly the size, shape and colour that they choose during customization.

Geometrical Shapes

Name any pre designed geometrical shape and it is easily available in the tool. Users can change colours, apply gradient shades, change border colour or sharpness to enhance the richness.

Image upload functionality

Appcustomizer product designer tool gives an option to the users to upload the images from their system. This is in addition to using the built in images, shapes or cliparts to the product design.

Import from elsewhere

If customers wish to use an image from any social media channel onto their design, Appcustomizer helps in importing the same. From their own system to Facebook, Instagram or anywhere, users can easily bring it into the design using social media integration feature.

Save it & Share it

For those who would like to flaunt their artistic skill to the world, you can save the design and share it instantly.

Save for future

Customization is a creative process and it requires many takes to get it right. For users who want to save the design for future reference or for making any modifications, it is absolutely possible.

Share it to the world

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa or Instagram; whichever the social media platform be, Appcustomizer offers one click solution to share your customized products online.

Template rendering

Functionality to use predefined templates in customization is yet another attractive feature of the designer tool. Such templates are ready to use and easily available from the admin side.

Custom templates

The templates existing in the library are pre designed and users can pick them after reviewing each. If they wish to further customize the template, users can easily make changes as the product designer tool is optimized accordingly.

High Resolution outputs

The ideal product designer tool ensures high resolution final output in all the significant formats available. Output can be as per the need of the customers in any formats.

Output Formats

Ranging from PNG, PDF, JPG or SVG, output image can be received any format with all the components that make up the file collaterals like fonts, text, dimensions etc. No additional editing is required as the output generated is pixel perfect and can be sent for printing instantly.

Multiple side preview

In order to evaluate the customized merchandise, designer tool displays multiple views of the product. If it's a T shirt, then instant rotating preview of front, back, right sleeve and left sleeve is possible.

Rotating Preview

With an option to rotate your preview to 360 degrees, your customers get a chance to view the product in inestimable directions and angles thereby helping them to analyze the product in-depth.


Fill up with Patterns

One of the unique design features of the tool is the availability of endless symmetrical patterns that could be used to enhance the rich look of the design.

Pattern Types

With a categorized section of patterns, time spent on searching the desirable pattern is saved. What not? The categories are named for easy identification and selection. A type and click! Your pattern is at your hands within seconds. Do you have a pattern designed already? Just upload your pattern within seconds and you are done.

Designer tool theme collections

AppCustomizer provides you with a wide selection of themes for your designer tool.

Choose your designer tool theme

When there are quite a lot of pre-loaded themes to choose from, why stick to one boring classic old theme? It's time to change! Purchase any of our designer tools and get free access to select a desirable theme that suits your product. Click! Click! You are done!

Need unique design?

Not satisfied! Have something unique in your mind! Just approach us for a custom theme integration with your ideas and our team would design a new theme for your designer tool to match your parameters. Sounds pretty good, right!

Ready to print

Once the design is done and order is placed, the tool will take the required dimension of the resultant image and generates it. These dimensions are directly in proportion to the print area specified.

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