Magento Online HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool

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Top Features of Magento product designer tool

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Its built with HTML5 Canvas and Ajax.

Not a Flash: Its fast, compatible with any device and easy to extend.

AppCustomizer extension can be used for any customizable products like Greeting cards, Pillows, Mugs, Laptop skins, Fashion apparels etc..

Extension Features


Easy to integrate

Easy installation to your existing or fresh magento store.

Simple configurations

Just few settings changes to turn on your customizable tool.

Works with other extensions

Its built independently, so it works together with any other extensions.

Design preview

Customized design will be previewed in cart and order summary pages. Customer can also save it to their desktops.

Font library

Customers has a wide range of fonts for designing their products.

Clipart library

'N' number of clipart categories and cliparts are available to customers.

Additional pricing

Admin have options to set additional price for custom attributes and it will be reflected in cart for custom products.

Custom image upload

Allows customer to upload custom images from their desktop or social accounts to the product design.

Well documented

You will have detailed documentation for admin management and also a developer documentation helpful for developers in extending or modifying our extension.

Support & Updates

When you buy from AppCustomizer, you will have a team of professional to help you around with any conflicts or issues that arises. Just drop us an email or ping us in Skype, we will be there for you to help. Our average response time is 4 to 5 hours. And importantly you will be updated with most of the product updates.


Message product colors with different options to choose from. And the colors are graphically represented in cart aswell which gives more confident.

Admin Features


Fonts management

All the fonts can be easily managed from admin. Options for search, sorting, enable or disable, delete fonts.

Cliparts management

Cliparts management from admin allows you to add 'N' number of categories and subcategories. Options to search, sorting, enable or disable, delete cliparts.

Customizable attribute management

Each custom attributes like Front message, Back message, Cliparts, Fonts, Font sizes etc... can be easily managed from admin.

Additional cost management

Costs for customizable attributes are manageable from admin and these values are reflected in cart and checkout.

Advanced imports

Fonts, Cliparts and Colors can be imported from admin. Its performed by CSV upload and respective images and files are moved dynamically. It saves your time.

Products preview images

AppCustomizer uses default Magento's configurable products option for managing product colors. So, you will be free from worrying about managing inventories based on colors and importantly easy way to add preview images for Front View, Back View and Side View.

Documentations & Manuals

AppCustomizer package is shipped with administrator guidelines and developer guidelines. Each document is prepared with clear and easy to understand texts.

Message colors management

We have integrated Colorpicker, a Jquery plugin for color management which allows you to pick appropriate color. Once color is picked, respective Hexa and RGB values are gathered dynamically.

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