AppCustomizer is not a SAAS Application

Increase your bottom line with our potential product nature! You might see SaaS application products avail on current market. SaaS operates the whole application on provider's server, wherein customer uses it and pay for as per the usage in consistent manner. SaaS doesn’t allow the customer to modify or extend the application on requirement and most importantly, customers cannot own the product indeed.

Fully Customizable

In few cases, customers host the software package on their own server, but the source files might get a chance to encrypt that restricts customers from extending the software upon their requirement or on implementing their business logic to the software. Whats the use of having a software which do not allow you to extend your business needs? In AppCustomizer package, The technical modifications will be done with transparency without any encryption on the main source codes (or source of the codes). The license file alone will be encrypted.

It's completely Yours

Here in Appcustomizer, pay for one time and we provide complete software package to customers. You can host our package completely on your server. The matter of fact is complete security, allowing the customer a hands-off way to manage multiple intensive activities. Extend your business logic as your business grows.

Hence we say, Your Server, Your File and with Your Control.

Ready To Take Off?

If you are ready to take your business to newer levels, this is the best time and place to kick start the journey upwards. We are with you.

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