Turning creativity into reality is our motto. Hence we are in constant look out for innovative methods and technologies so as to ensure customer satisfaction.

3D Preview

Get over the age old 2D images as it is time to imbibe 3D preview for an enhanced real time experience. With our new 3D viewing feature, users can customize their product and view them three dimensionally. The product can be viewed inch by inch for accuracy. Unlike 2D image viewing where customer may receive a different end product compared to their personalized preferences, 3D preview achieve 100% precision in the customized product. Looking at the preview, customers can see how the conceptual designs appear on their apparel. Our AppCustomizer team is working towards this feature so that users can buy products without any hesitation. This will attract more customers and change the overall feel of online shopping to next level.

It's fun!

It's fun To see the customized products in real time 3D even before you get them in your hands!


What you see in 3D preview is exactly how the product will be; without any discrepancies in delivery.

Easy to use

Customization and viewing in 3D is simple and easy. All you need is basic computer knowledge.


We have collaborated with 3D printing facilities in order to ensure top quality product delivery.


Here is a platform to let your imaginations fly high. Make the best use of 3D designs for customization.


3D preview is a delight for every customer for the real time experience it offers.

Instant Design Proof

There is no limit for creativity at AppCustomizer. With our design tool, users can show off their personalised style instantly. This is a perfect platform where customers can handle multiple functions like designing and receiving the same product without any discrepancies in the design. For making this process unconstrained, out team intends to develop an instant design proof of your product. Once customization is done, user can preview the product instantly and make desired changes at the go. Hence there is no space for confusion later when the product is delivered. Be it a front, back, right or left sleeve view, customer can scrutinize the design and ensure that it has all the elements they had in mind. With this instant proof, it is easy for users to make changes in the colour, text or clipart and preview it again for perfection.

Real time

Customers get instant virtual access to the product they have designed before finalising.

Hassle free

Instant proof view and making changes is easy and simple to manage.


Design tool helps sellers to gain and retain customers by changing online shopping experience.

Upgraded UI & UX Design tool

With our enhanced UI & UX design tool, users will get more space to work out the designs they have in mind. They can make use of all the enriched features to create the design and place it anywhere on the desired product. Texts, cliparts, images or any design can be added in the most efficient and easiest manner.

Image masking

Create a new look by image wrapping images within custom image masks.

Text effects

Curved, multi-line text or border and background fill to text is easily possible.

Design templates

Pre-loaded or user designed templates can be uploaded and used for designing.

Like to know more!

AppCustomizer keeps itself continually updated with latest technologies. We deeply research contemporary trends and incorporate the best in our platform to serve as one-stop-solution to all customizing needs.

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