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Laptops are everywhere, who doesn’t like to carry a Customized Laptop? Let your customers show off their style, support their favorite team.

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Easy transactions in a click

When technology has advanced to a point where cashless transactions are happening in just a click, we go a way ahead by providing a multiple gateway options to your customers for a smooth shopping experience.

Unlimited color palette

The world we live in has millions of colors, which inspired us to offer your customers a palette of unlimited colors, where they could mix, add, blend and choose their desirable color adding meaning to the product. Colors do add meaning, don’t they?

Advanced text and font options

Fonts add an adjective to a text and this has an impact on a product. Our AppCustomizer helps your customers travel to a world where unlimited fonts and test options are categorized making it simple for them to search and place it in their product.

Categorized artwork section

Artworks lure people’s attention especially an eye-catchy and unique artwork in a product is sure to grab the attention of people. With AppCustomizer in hand, your customers could choose the artwork they love from a wide categorized section within a click and show the world their mettle.

Share it to the world!

Is your customer aspiring to be a great product designer! Help him unleash the fire within and expose his identity to the social media world by sharing his works done with the help of AppCustomizer instantly with a click. Facebook, instagram, whatsapp! Here comes the designer!

Make Special ones feel special

A special someone needs a special gift and AppCustomizer offers your customers a platform to upload the pictures of their special person, incorporate in their custom product and present it to their loved ones making their day a way more special. Just a click and upload! And it is done!

Advanced shopping cart preview

Would you like to give your customers a chance to preview their customized product once and before it enters the payment gateway? Well, our AppCustomizer has an option for that too. Your customers get a chance to check out whether their custom product exactly quenches their desire even at the last minute.

A customization tool built for easy use

Not just limited to computer geeks, our AppCustomizer helps you open gateways to people of various categories by offering them tools that are pretty much easier to use throughout their customization process. Easy recognizable tools, easy to load, hassle free experience integrated together to makes the customer’s experience smooth and user-friendly.

Design preview within seconds of customization

Just when your customer finishes his customization, he will be able to preview it instantly thereby putting a halt to waiting time. True that, Time and Tide waits for none! Go ahead! Help fulfill your customer’s dreams of having a look at his beautiful design within seconds of customization with the help of our designer tool.

Seamless font customization

Customize the fonts as per your desire seamlessly with the AppCustomizer where managing typeface is made easier within a click. Sort, filter, edit, delete, add, link, preview, copy and modify the fonts with ease in seconds.

Manage orders effectively

Lessen the burden on your shoulder with the AppCustomizer which helps you to manage your orders effortlessly at the mean time effectively. Expand your business through effective order management strategy.

Easy import of CSV files

Overcome the difficulties of bulk uploading through AppCustomizer that eases your work with a one-click Excel upload. With this massive export of CSV files is made fun and simple.

Hierarchy based accessibility

The in-built Magneto feature in AppCustomizer controls the access aspect on the basis of pecking order which makes a business structural, organized and well-planned.

Largest collection of cliparts

AppCustomizer provides you with an array of cliparts to choose from, thereby matching your requirements and desires beyond your expectations with ease.

Manage price and attribute

Implement the required attribute and price on a product just within seconds; characterize the product as per your requirements with our smart an intellect AppCustomizer.

Play with colors

Our AppCustomizer gives you a universal color code option, which thereby allows you to manage colors. Choose from a palette of unlimited colors, select, create and play with colors and make your business more colorful.

AppCustomizer Product Designer Software Specification

Server & System Requirement:
  • Server: Dedicated Server (Prefered Cloud solutions)
  • OS: Lunix
  • Webserver: Apache 2, Nginx
  • Language: PHP5+
  • Platform: Magento, Laravel, Codeignitor
  • Extensions: CURL, Mod Rewrite
  • Database: MYSQL 5+

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