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AppCustomizer, our HTML 5 product designer tool helps you to make the designing and customization process simple and efficient for almost all products. Without any external help or additional skills, customers can create new designs using our tool which is user friendly and easily operated. In order to guide users throughout the designing process, every element of the tool is intelligently placed in the product designer tool. Features and functionalities are easily integrated so that users will exactly know what needs to be done in each step. The designer tool with its enriched front end features and powerful admin panel definitely stand apart from others.

Fashion Accessories

Customized fashion apparels and accessories are just the beginning at AppCustomizer. There are many reasons behind the gaining popularity of customised t shirts, caps, bag, wrist band or laptop skin. Due to advancement of technology and user friendly designer tools, personalised goods have become everyone’s favourite. Of the many benefits of customized products, creating a style statement stands as the best. You can express your ideas, thoughts and communicate ideologies through your messages. They are also an effective marketing tool for promotions of goods and services and advertising. Be it funny quotes, slogan, images or patterns, designer tool helps in showcasing your uniqueness in the best possible way.

House Hold Products

A gift becomes more precious when it is personalised. A mug, laptop skin, carry bag or pillow cover with a personal message or image is never thrown away. As a sign of thoughtfulness it remains forever. Generic gifts are so old school while customised gifts are memorable. With design tools, users can control designof the gift themselves. Material, images, messages and quality of the item can be monitored. When customized products are used as give away items, the reach of the message is large. That is why many companies gift their employees customised house hold products so that their company name will be remembered forever.

Customised Banners

Banners are used as effective marketing tools for any business. As it offers many advantages to businesses, it has remained as an age old promotion and advertising device. With designer tool in place, the whole process of creating customised banners have become so simple. It’s an inexpensive and repetitive medium and can be designed in various sizes and shapes with colourful graphics, pictures and print. The visual impact of customised banner are immense and instant attention is gained for the logo, business name and information.Using design tool software, a banner with desired specifications can be created and same design can be used for customising other products as well.

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