Top 5 T-shirt Printing Methods We Expect in 2017

The world of fashion is fast moving and the people related to the fashion industry do not want to fall back.  Be it anything from ladies fashion apparels to men’s, the industry is globally upgraded when it comes to fashion. And when we say fashion we do not just talk about the looks here. We talk about the fabric and the design. Design plays a very crucial role and in this article, we will see top five T- shirt designing techniques.

Screen printing

This technique dates back to the early 18th century and it is still ever growing and an evolving industry even in the 21st century. A screen printing is achieved through a designed stencil with a closely knitted woven net. This method is appropriate for bulk orders as it gives the exact texture the product wants. Screen printing has three different sizes and they are:

  • Standard: These are easy and compact and come in not bigger than 18” x 18” size. But the size varies from companies to companies. These are generally simple and the production becomes fast if the design is in one colour.
  • Oversized: These are designs which cover the anterior portion. This design does not cover your collar, sleeves and bottom line of the t-shirt (hem line).
  • All over: As the name suggests, this design touches the edge of the t-shirt and are mostly preferred by all.  It gives a printed look and it is comparatively different from standard and oversized.

Since screen printing can be achieved manually as well as with machines, it is considered to be more versatile and a preferred choice by the industry.

DTG or Direct-to-garment or Digital printing

This is generally more advanced and different when it comes to printing. The main advantage of digital to garment printing is that it is fast, accurate and best used for small to medium orders. This is known to be more reasonable and easy on wallet when it comes in terms of small scale business. Though digital printing may be appealing but screen printing is a preferred choice even today by many designers.


This procedure gives an art a woolly and silky feel which can be felt by your hand and this can be achieved in many colours as well.

Water based inks

This method is used to give a design to look like as if it is the part of the material itself. Unlike plastisol prints which sits on the material and has to dealt with utmost care, water based inks becomes a part of the fabric and it is mostly used to attain classic and antique look which will be a trend in coming years.

High density inks

This technique is mostly used to give a design depth, a different aspect and appearance.  This ink can give a stitch like look to a design and can be attained in varied colours.

T-shirt designing is not only an art but science as well and this can be achieved with the right knowledge and technique. And since many of you may turn entrepreneurs in t-shirt printing, it is very important to keep updated about the industry and the upcoming techniques so that you can invest wisely.

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