7 Secrets To Know Before Choosing T-Shirt Designing Software

The summers are on. What better outfit will you find than a pair of denim and t-shirt? The scotching heat won’t allow you to wear shirts or any other stuff, I bet. You may say that you don’t get the design of your choice. I agree to it. But what if I say you can design a t-shirt on your own. There are numbers of magento t-shirt design software available for you online through which you can design the t-shirt of your choice. It is one of the best experiences to wear clothes of your choice.

Some important factors to consider while choosing t-shirt design software

To make your t-shirt designing process convenient and easy first of all your software should possess certain features and attributes. There has to be design options for a user to choose. The more you provide options to the user, the more profitable your business will get. The user wants different fonts of texts, graphics, in fashion prints etc.

Customizing is all set to rule the fashion market. What could be better to wear, exactly what you want? The online designing software will surely create a boom. The designing software should be integrated with the various e-commerce website. The general buyers should have an easy access to it. As the numbers of smartphones are increasing at a great pace, hence an app for android, iOS will increase your business.

Features to take care while choosing a t-shirt designing software


The simplest thing is the most preferred thing by users. As said, “Simplicity is the key”. The software needs to be user friendly with android phones, iphones and desktops. By making it complicated you will only lose the interested user. It should not be a headache for the user to design a t-shirt for himself.

Customization options

The more the number of texts, high end graphics, patterns, prints you provide, the more user you attract. Your software should be able to provide thousands of colors to the buyers. The software should make the shopping experience interesting, better than the regular shopping. Moreover the user should get the option to upload any picture on the software and use it as per their choice. The customization options must be conveniently displayed on the software. The sub tabs should be arranged properly under the main heads. The user should not encounter any problem while finding something.

Availability of different sizes

Every size of each t-shirt should be available on the designing software. The limitation of sizes makes the users disloyal to the brand. The t-shirt designing software should be equipped with all tools to design alluring clothes. The sizes should of standard measurement or the people encounter problems. One thing to take note, different people has different color tastes. The more are the shades available on the tool, the more buyers will feel happy about.

Availability of all types of ranges

Different sections of the society prefer different types of cloth. Not all types of clothes cost same. The software should possess sections for all types of cloth. It should be able to filter the base cloth according to the user preference.


The most important feature the software should possess is the sorting option. The software should be capable of sorting things according to the user’s preference. Sorting makes the process easy and fast. Designing a t-shirt gets comfortable and easy with this option in the software.

Video tutorials

For the smooth operation of the software by the people, it is recommended that you provide a video tutorial. Videos are capable of making people understand the basic functionality of the software.

User Guide

A user guide will also be preferred by the user as it doesn’t consume much of internet. The guide should make the users friendly with all options available for them, every section which they can find useful.

The above listed features when integrated in a t-shirt design software will surely make it handy to use and full of functions. The tool should be designed with a view of targeting a large volume of buyers, and hence should be responsive. Any e-commerce website will surely create a boom in the market if it gets software like this.

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Why we love customized T shirts?

T-shirts always belong to the fashion and stays evergreen! There could be hardly someone who doesn’t love tees. All of us love t-shirts – girls, boys, youngsters, adults, and everyone regardless of age. How about getting them customized based on your choice of color, slogan and style? If customized t-shirt is something you are very fond of, there are too many reasons to explain why. Here are a few most common reasons that will precisely tell you why most of us love slipping into a customized tee as compared to normal ones. Read on:

  • My favorite color – you perhaps have noticed a t-shirt in a store and felt pity for this being good and not the best just because of wrong use of colors used on it. Marking an end to such hassles is t shirt customization that lets you choose your own colors. You can enjoy playing with blast of colors and create your own piece.
        • My attitude; my slogan – the slogan printed on a tee is a reflection of our mind and attitude. Your attitude need not necessarily be the same as someone else’. We have got our own thoughts, words we follow and slogans setting out your inner thoughts. A customized t-shirt lets the user enter the fine crack and enjoy being unique in exhibiting who he or she is
        • Size is a big plus – finding a perfectly fitting tee is certainly gruelling. This is very true when it comes to choosing plus size tees for the over sized figures. T-shirt customization helps you carry off in this regard by giving you wide array of choices.
        • Tricks with the neck – is it a V or round? Whichever is your choice, you can grab it with ease using customization options in T-shirts. Your favorite t-shirt might not have the neck you desire to have; blot it out by making use of the easy-to-use customization options. Generally, V neck tees are best suited for those with fit physique and well-built body, whereas a collared tee would suit well on a muscular figure. Understanding your own physique, you can decide on the type of collar or neck you want
        • A wholesome shopping feel with too many to choose – there are a number of other aspects that you can choose. For instance, depending on the time of use, you can select your fabric from the various choices you have like cotton, polyester, ultra soft, organic, light weight, and so on. Likewise, you can choose the fitness whether to have slim fit or regular fit styles. A buyer can have enormous choices in getting his t-shirt. This gives the buyer immense pleasure and a wholesome satisfaction in shopping. At the end of the day, all that you want will be the satisfaction of buying the best and wearing a dress that can make you look the best. All of these can be easily achieved with t-shirt customization. These, altogether makes everyone fall in love for customized tees! The love will never fade off indeed!

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Express your style through customized tee shirts

T-Shirt : One of the most comfortable and fashionable outfit of modern era. Everyone loves to wear t-shirts. However first usage of t-shirt dates back around 1913, but it is still in trend. Customization is taking a major part in the recent trend. Every person have their own style in representing them. Here below are some ideas for using customized t-shirts in a best and cool way.

Customized t-shirt for family reunion:

Family reunion

Its Summer! Remember it’s a family reunion season. Pack your bags, invite your family members, get ready for a vacation. In this season, we express our family unity and enjoy with our family members. Customized t-shirts make your yearly event a most wonderful one. Customize t-shirts for all your family members with any text like your family name or quotes, print any picture of your whole family and make it memorable for everyone.   

Customized t-shirt for party:

party tee shirts

Is there any perfect date and time for a party? No. Whenever you feel like enjoying, then its the right time to throw a party or to attend one. Get customized t-shirts for you and your friends for the party. Have your t-shirts customized based on the type of party and make it really special.  

Customized couple t-shirts:

custom tee shirts for couples

Its really cute when couples wear a couple tshirt. Express your love by customizing couple tshirts for you and your beloved. Customize it in such a way to surprise him/her by using your favourite quotes or by adding one of your love memory on the t-shirt. Matching t-shirts will be one of the great and cute anniversary gifts. Embrace your love with a perfect customized t-shirt and make the moment more memorable.

Customized t-shirt for creating awareness:

tee shirts for awareness campaigns

An active awareness can reduce many risks. Its really a need to create an awareness for every issue by educating everyone about the issue, thereby creating a cure and to find an efficient solution in a better way. Customized t-shirts play a role in creating awareness. It is an excellent way to create awareness and generate funds for any cause, non-profit organisations and any awareness campaign.

In this way you can create your own unique style and fashion. Get your own customized t-shirts and make the occasion special and meaningful. Enjoy your day with customized t-shirts!.

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