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AppCustomizer HTML5 Online T-shirt design tool is built-in with many advanced features and this tool will be very simple for your customers to personalize their own T-shirts online. Front-end features allow your customers to add colors, texts, artworks, upload images and more Where as Admin features allow store owners to manage fonts, colors, artwork, shapes and more.

HTML5 Online T-shirt Design Tool

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Qualities That Your Product Design Tool Should Have

Tasting success involves taking efforts. Your efforts to be outstanding will certainly reflect in the business outcomes, especially when you have got a number of competitors in your niche. Online Product design tool is one such sector where there are several players striving to succeed in the market. While this enthralls users with array of customization options like addition of clipart, messages, images, slogans and more, there are additional features needed to make your tool noteworthy. Take a look at some of the most indispensable features your design tool needs to have:


It is important that your product designer tool functions well on all web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. There are flex versions as well – these need Flash run time platform and hence they can be used only on laptop, windows or mac desktops. A few features available with the JavaScript version can also be seen on Flex version. Hence, choose a tool that perfectly fits in for your business.

Your product tool should also be compatible on various devices – laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. With increasing use of handheld devices, this feature is very crucial for your platform to flourish.

2.Multilingual support

Your product designer tool needs to be open for use for users across the globe. This can be made possible by including Multilanguage support in the tool. Once this is incorporated, all the inputs at the front-end user interface and that of back-end interface are together converted in your preferred language.

3.High quality output

Make sure that your tool is enabled with high quality outputs of customized product. The output can be of any format – .tif, .pdf, .eps, etc. It should be such that the final design can be directly printed without the need for additional editing. This eliminates the need for having a dedicated designer to work on such reedits. You may also include vector graphics for the final output so that you achieve the best possible output in each and every shape and font.

4.Gallery of products

List out all the products in a gallery for your customers to refer it with ease. All the products available for customization can be mentioned in the gallery so that your customers get a wider perspective of your tool and they will be set free for making their choices.

5.Multiple payment gateways

Facilitate your customers with multiple payment gateway options such as internet banking, debit card payment, credit card payment, etc. This gives them a tinge of extra satisfaction and ease, and will persuade them to get back to your site on and on.

6.Social media log in

Give your customers the access to login to your design tool with their social media login without the need to sign up separately. This saves their time and efforts, thereby enabling to explore your tool in a jiffy.

AppCustomizer is one such product design tool meeting all the above features and serves as one-stop solution to all creative designing of favorite products.

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Set up your e-Commerce website with personalization features in one day


Hello folks! I guess I reached right crowd of contacts owning e-Commerce stores. You want me to tell that why I approach you people in specific? Fine, the ‘easZ’ for ‘whY’ are being the owners of online e-Commerce stores, your website must be personalized with top notch customization features. No questions on ‘how?’ here we go. TomRain is a top pioneer in developing multi-level AppCustomizer software, which is very specific for customizable products. Say for products such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, Silicone wristbands, bags, et al, you can have entire pack of online customization tool from us with executive assistance when required.

Website renovating is not about only changing the color codes of site layout, changing the templates, changing the align settings. It is about coding the site with new trendy, market need focused applications, software and/or tools. Not only just integrating the tool but also restructure the site with few more features such as attractive landing page with a or two lines about the integrated tool, a few snippets which are genuine, few marquee abstracts of your online products, pop-ups for online help requests, a responsible and responsive assistance to the same, and specially the site must be very user interface graphic. We provide you manual on the software so that you can be handy with the tools in a quick short time.

Okiez, now your online store must be ready for live once after integrating  our AppCustomizer e-Commerce package. Showcase your online products, up your site by formal brand launch. We also help you on the way other in terms of how to showcase your website. Obviously you all ought to wait for a couple of days to know what it is and how it is. Fine, do you have a question of how a site integrated with online AppCustomizer package might help the business and why should to buy the same? It is as simple as flowing valley; a site which is very meeting the customers’ needs and satisfying the customers would perform with good number of rankings. The site that receives quite a big number of finger falls lives long, i.e. it will appear on search engine’s first page which is the royal signature for any online store. Hence you can top gear your business by all means of sale dealing, branding, search engine top rank et al.

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