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appcustomizer-blog bannerPromotional merchandise serves as the promotional tool. Also called as swag or schwag, these merchandises essentially act as an integral part of marketing a business at a greater scale.

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Different Types Of T-Shirts You Need To Know

When it comes to the word t-shirt, we take it simply as just a kind of outfit. But do you know what? there are different types  of t-shirts. Check out this info-graphic which brings to your eyes, the various types of t-shirts. Here are just some of its kind, there are a lot more. Try and explore on your own and change your thoughts about the t-shirts. Set your style and enjoy.

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How To Make Your Tshirt Look Awesome

T-shirts are one of those clothes which has never been out of fashion and won’t be. People wear t-shirt to look cool, when they are not in a mood to wear formals. T-shirts depict fashion statement of a person. T-shirt with a pair of shorts will make you look any day cooler to a person wearing shirt and trouser. The trend of the market is self-designed or customized t-shirts. So let’s have about 10 ways to make your t-shirt look cooler to attract people.

Confusing graphics

Design a t-shirt which forces people to look again. It may be a simple design, yet too silly for people to look at it and smile at you. Another, it can be too hard to decipher for people to again and again look at it. You may also print some words which are in trend to justify your style. Try to treat your customized t-shirt like billboard, if people don’t get confused, they won’t look back to decipher it. Another way to make your t-shirt attractive is to make designs that make no sense.

Funky is the new trend

The more your t-shirt looks funky the more it gets eye catching. Printing unusual graphics with not related statements with them surely make them cool. For instance, a t-shirt with an Indian saint printed on it, listening to hardcore music on big headphones going to be an attractive deal. Similarly can be a dog drinking beer written on it “Life isn’t that hard”. You just need to go off the track of sensibility and decide something unusual yet attractive.

Go retro sometimes

Take it back to olden times. Get printed graphics which represent the 80’s or 70’s with unusual color combinations. The t-shirts look much cooler when it appears as if they are from olden times.

Get ironic

By getting ironic, mean, an old advertisement which has a different meaning today. The unusual thing in it will make you outstand the crowd. You will be someone different for sure. Generate humor in your prints. Get catchy lines.

Be silly

Seriously speaking, act silly. Design a t-shirt which represent some silly situation. Like a lion and zebra watching a horror film on television in the middle of a jungle, and the lion is scared. Yes, these things catch people’s attention.

Sometimes keep it simple

Sometimes a simple smiley face on the T-shirt depicts sophistication and is liked by all. Every time it’s not right to wear a funky or a rugged look. Simple yet decent is all.

Describe yourself

One of the best ways to attract people is that you talk about yourself on your t-shirt. May be you get a finger pointing upside and written on it “this man is AWESOME”. I imagine, when it sounds that great, how would it look in reality.

The 3D effect

The use of 3D effect on your customized t-shirt can somehow make an everlasting impression on people. A gangster wearing glasses, and those glasses appear in different shades from different angles will outrun any design in the market.

Catching attention

What could be better if you directly print on your t-shirt “yes, I am looking at you”. Will it not cause a smile on the face of the girl you like? Yes maybe. It’s just a concept of being bold and outstanding. Imagine what you like and get it print directly.


Always wear colors which are eye catching. A bright orange on a summer afternoon with blue shades will make you look classy and cool.

So here it was, how you will look cool and amazing by designing a custom T-shirt. Just remember one thing, “Think out of the Box”.

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