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appcustomizer-blog bannerPromotional merchandise serves as the promotional tool. Also called as swag or schwag, these merchandises essentially act as an integral part of marketing a business at a greater scale.

Planning to promote your product with Promotional merchandise! Get some idea about promotional merchandising and sculpt ideas to develop your business with customized promotional merchandise with the best product designer tool – AppCustomizer.

What does AppCustomizer do in this context, is what your thought might be now?

The answer is that you could incorporate your brand name in any of the product you like with the help of the best all-in-all product designer tool that is none other than AppCustomizer.

Initially, before getting deeper into the context, let me classify the promotional merchandises based upon the category, they fit in.

Household and Kitchenware

Customizing kitchenware is generally the best way to reach out to the audience since they are a part of our routine life. What are the kitchen wares that AppCustomizer would customize for your promotional front?

The list is never-ending. But let me list out a few products that we could help you with!


Bowls are mostly used to serve food, which is why it serves as the main product to promote the business.

The brand logo of the company is implemented in the bowls with the help of AppCustomizer which leaves a lasting impression about you to the consumer.


Whenever guests and relatives pay a visit to our living place, it is always a custom to retreat them with beverages and juices. In this scenario, customization of coffee mugs and juice mugs are really very much important. This is why AppCustomizer suggests you to integrate your logo and brand name to mugs.

Be it a small space or entire mug customization, AppCustomizer would do that with ease.

Kitchen Towels/Napkins

Kitchen towels and napkins are used in most of the houses. The essential part of the kitchen is the kitchen towels since it helps in keeping the kitchen tidy and neat. So your promotional merchandise hereby serves your customers on a daily basis making the messy kitchen into a neat one.

You can use some strategy through creative marketing slogans.


School children and office goers carry lunchbox mandatorily. Hence when you impose your brand name into these lunch boxes, it is definitely going to be a great turnover for your business. The workplace or school is where many audiences are prone to become customers. So utilize it wisely.

Apron and kitchen mitt

Aprons are worn by chefs and housewives. When looking at the benefits of craving your brand signature upon these kitchen apparels, definitely it is a grand success. A lot of foodies visit a hotel every day and they look upon the kitchenware, the chef’s apron, and the waiter’s kitchen mitt. This may impact your business greatly.

Personal/Domestic use

Apart from the kitchenware, another way of getting more customers to your business is creating your watermark in the personal products they use. This is a way to trigger an intimate relationship between you and your customer. AppCustomizer helps you make it happen through amalgamating your brand name and logo in these products.

Pillows and blankets

Make your customers remember you before they go to bed by customizing the pillows and blankets they use. Use it as a promotional technique and give it away to them. This would build a near and dear relationship with your customer.

Photo Frame/Album

Photos give memories that would never fade away! They capture and project those special moments more beautifully. This is the reason why giving away a customized photo frame would be a great idea.

You dwell along within the memories of your customers.


Be it starting off a vehicle, or be it locking up the valuable products, definitely, keys are required.

Moreover, they are frequently used by people. Hence customized keychain with your brand name incorporated on it will definitely make the customer remember you recurrently.

Clocks and watches

Time once lost is lost forever! Time has a value in our lives. Even your customer would agree to this context. Hence presenting him a customized clock and watch for the promotional purpose is definitely going to be a great idea. AppCustomizer helps you to execute this perfectly by designing your product in a creative and best way.

Apart from these, AppCustomizer also helps you to customize can openers, baskets, flashlights, pens, candle stands, etc.

Fashion and accessories

Fashion has become a vital part of our life. Be it a man or woman, everyone loves to be in sync with the latest trend. Don’t let this chance swoop off from you! Offer promotional merchandises that are related to fashion and create a niche in your business. Know more about the products that could be customized with the help of AppCustomizer.


Cosmetics have become daily wears, for office goers which are why we suggest customization of cosmetic products. From Lipsticks to foundations, AppCustomizer could help you integrate your brand name and logo to these cosmetic products.


Bracelets, wristbands, bangles and other accessories that are worn on a daily basis can be used to target spectators and transform them into your powerful audience base. Go ahead and market yourself by joining hands with the best product designer tool.

Corporate needs

The essence of marketing lies in targeting the correct audience. Corporate needs are most quintessential these days and AppCustomizer helps to reach out this group of people by offering customizable services that are exceptional which would in turn help in the endorsement of your product.

Ties, belts, and wallets

A professional corporate person would definitely require ties, belts, and wallets for his way to the office.

Make this opportunity a great way to promote your business. AppCustomizer is here with you simplifying your marketing process.


Customize the notepads and create your identity on it. Distribute to the corporate company and there you are! Identifiable by a large group of business minds!


Paperweights are one of the common corporate accessories that are widely used by the managerial cadre. The visitors to the cabin are obviously going to take a glance at it. Use this opportunity and connect with business people! Tailor the paperweights with stitches of your company.

Laptop/Mobile case

Laptops and mobiles are most required in the current scenario. From college goers to office professionals, mobile phones and laptop cases have become mandatory. Customize your name on these cases on the go and sustain your name in the business market.

Office bags

Bags are carried to the office daily with the utilities for the day. Promotion to a commerce store can be made evident with the help of office bags/laptop bags. AppCustomizer will lend its support to you in marketing.

Anything left on the list. Well, everything cannot be listed in one single blog.

A – Z! Whatever be the product AppCustomizer is here to integrate it and make it a unique merchandise which you could use for promotions.

So what are you waiting for! Expand your popularity by giving away promotional merchandises to the audiences and make sure you turn them into potent customers.

Tell the needs and requirements to us and we would implement them to the desired products. Delivering to your customers the best product is just your job!


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