Make your customers contented through personalized eCommerce

appcustomizer blog bannersShopping has taken a great leap over years. Customers have started to migrate towards e-shopping rather than approaching direct markets or vendors. The main reason here is that they are able to save time and cut down the travel cost in a drastic manner.

When customers are too much reliable on the eCommerce platforms, it is really very much important to have equal concern for the customers. Each and every time they shop, there must be able to get a pragmatic feel that you have given the best for them.

The relationship between you and your customer ought to be incessant.

Have you got any idea how your business would inflate when customers get to know that you care for them? Caring starts from the point where you would offer them the best of services by recommending them the products they would prefer. Directly it is a depiction of their choices and wishes conglomerated with their own flavor in shopping things, masking the products which they don’t like.

What we learn here is the art of getting into the lives of customers and understanding them in depth. The personalized shopping experience is sure to yield a special place in the hearts of customers and would help build trust among customers.

What exactly is personalization?

Personalization is actually offering your customers a complete shopping experience. Complete means inclusion of characteristics such as customer’s interests, their demography, their shopping history etc.

Is that it?

Well, a droplet can never account to a big ocean! There are several detailing characteristics that define what personalization is!

Types of personalization

  • Based on Navigation

Personalization starts with the customization of your site to your customer based on his/her browsing history. This could easily connect the customer with his/her own preferences easily. Though your customer has not purchased a product from you, he would be able to surf your site with personalized choices.

  • Based on predictions

This type of personalization is entirely based on the prediction. It generally accounts for the average choice of all customers. This type of personalized experience is generally utilized to create offers for the customers.

  • Third-Party Data

Getting details about the customer’s preferences and tastes from a third party or a different source by paying some ransom comes under this category. This type of personalization is mostly rare. But for sure it is a better option when it comes to personalization since the customer experience is improved a lot through authenticated details.

  • Segmenting your database

This comes under accurate targeting of customers based on their likeliness. Segregate your customers and have separate mail chunks for each set of customers. This would, therefore, help identify your type of target audience and therefore relate them together with a blissful personalized shopping experience.

  • Personal touch in emails

Ensure that your mails to your customers have a personal touch in it so that they feel like you are bonded with them and would choose you over your competitors.

  • Give real-time offers

Whenever the customer comes back to you, be generous enough to appreciate the loyalty by offering rewards and real-time offers like discounts up to 10 %. This would amplify the interest towards your site severely.

  • Contextual Messaging

In this type of personalization, you define your customer’s background deeply and give a sensual experience. By analyzing the demographic location and the weather in your customer’s area you could easily connect with him.

For instance: You could offer discounts to cool drinks and fruit juices in your online grocery store if you are dealing with a customer in a tropical climate.

  • Dynamic Remarketing

Whatever the customers have viewed in the past is what you are going to show them again. Repeat the advertisements and sites they surf so that they would be able to take a decision soon.

So, learned about the different types of personalized eCommerce! Now convince yourself with the reason why you have to opt for ‘Personalized eCommerce’.

A significant differentiator

The reason why personalized eCommerce is suggested to you is major because of the following reasons:

  • A tool to exert a pull on customers (lure your customers)
  • Perk up the loyalty of your customer
  • Website trafficking
  • High profit (conversion rate)
  • Boost average order value

Complex indeed

The biggest challenge for the eCommerce entrepreneurs who would like to integrate Personalization with their store is data collection.

The assortment of data from customers is a tedious task, especially when it comes to this industry. The businessman must be smart enough to analyze the needs of the customer and this must apply online and offline.

Building a personalized eCommerce base

  • Abandoned cart message: Remarket your product that has been abandoned earlier by the customer by sending him encouraging messages. There are high chances of him returning to your site to purchase the abandoned product or choose any other product.
  • Recommend products: Always keep on recommending related products once the customer has finished his shopping or on his way shopping. This would surely impact a lot in your business.
  • Expert opinion: Be an expert in answering the queries of your customers and also offer some professional suggestions to them.
  • Transaction details: The use of mailing tactics will draw in more customers towards you. Greet and thank your customers for their interest in you and also suggest them some products based on their previous transaction.

Once you are quite aware of these techniques, you could surely win the hearts of your customers and add soul to their shopping experience. The more contented they are more likely are they to continue shopping with you. Ensure that you offer cent percent attention to each and every customer. The success of your business never stops with the looping of customers to you over and over but it is when your customers suggest their beloved ones do business with you.

Make business with love. Connect with the people and communicate with the stroke of personalization.

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