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AppCustomizer- The fully loaded online Product Design Tool

What is more exciting than meeting up with customer needs? Are you ready to quench your customer’s thirst for cent percent satisfaction in a way ahead from the rest of your industrial competitors? Make a groove and create an impact in your business with our end-to-end online product designer tool – AppCustomizer!

When shopping has become easier than ever through internet and e-shopping, you need to have a silver lining feature that helps you differentiate from your competitors which will be a guaranteed assurance from our fully loaded online product design tool. With AppCustomizer by your side, you could assure your customers with a wide variety of options to choose from.

The best part is that your customer will be able to customize his product as per his desire within a matter of seconds. Click! Click! And it is done!

So here are the top reasons why we quote ourselves as the fully loaded online product designer tool. Check out and refresh yourself with the features that our AppCustomizer – the complete product designer software offers you.

Clipart color editor

 Wanna change the line color of a clipart! Love to change the color entirely! Here is AppCustomizer which enables you to customize the colors of your choice in your Cliparts with ease.

AppCustomizer ensures that the customers are able to customize the colors of the clipart effortlessly. Each and every color can be altered as per requirements which make the customer’s experience a thrilling and enjoyable one. The best part is that you would be exposed to a world where you could find endless cliparts making it a tougher time for your customers to select from.

  1. Rotate and preview at any angle of your choice

 What if you are given a choice to look at your customizable product in a more detailed and precise manner by examining the nook and corner of the product which was customized earlier?

 By providing your customers with a 360 degree preview option and allowing you rotate the customized product at any angles, AppCustomizer ensures that your beloved customer is enticed with your product. Also, he could be satisfied on grounds that the product which he has customized himself has come out as per his requirements.

  1. Play with the words

 Texts add a meaning to your product, why don’t you add attributes to it to make it even more meaningful.

When given a stance to alter, edit, and align the text as per the needs and requirements of the customer, he would be excited and enthralled thereby would be able to play with the texts at every cost – be it the alignment, the font and color used.

  1. Adjust the dpi as per your choice

 Pixelate as per your requirement!!

 Be it 10 dpi or 200 dpi, our AppCustomizer allows your customer to select the most preferred dpi of his choice and modify the image or artwork as per his requirement.

  1. Generate your own QR code

Input the text and generate a QR code within seconds.

Make your customer feel even more exotic about your product by paving a way to generate a QR code for his customized product with AppCustomizer.

  1. Instant upload

 Want to make the product more of your shade!  Click and upload the artwork of your choice within seconds.

 The most fascinating feature that makes AppCustomizer a complete online product designer tool is that it not  only offers a wide variety of options to choose from yet it gives your customers a platform to upload the images and artworks of his choice and place it in his customized product.

  1. Share it to the world

 Broadcast your work to all the Netizens out there in a click.

 Would you like to get a second opinion from your friends or would you love to broadcast your work to the people out there and exhibit your talents. Tap! Tap! AppCustomizer offers an instant share facility where you could upload the final design to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Save and refer in the future

 Preview your work in the future by just clicking the save option!

When AppCustomizer offers you an option to save the design earlier why wouldn’t your customers feel enthralled! Yes! To avoid last minute hassles and problems complete your design earlier and save it for your future reference. Make it simple!

  1. Render or choose templates of your choice

Choose from the best or create the best.

 Your customers must be very much delighted when they are given some good templates to choose from and work on with the help of it. Even if he is not satisfied with the existing themes and templates, he could create one easily with the spell of imagination that would satisfy him even better.

  1. Output file format

It is entirely in your hands to select the output in which you would like your file to be.

 Give an option to your customer to save the customized product in any of the formats like .Png, .jpg, .pdf, .svg as per his requirements and also ensure that he could check  whether the printed design is of higher quality earlier before the printing process.

Now let us repeat this once again, who would exactly say no, when the tool is very much easier to use, above all serves your customer satisfaction at its best also enabling you to market yourselves with a unique selling point through AppCustomizer which updates you with the best of the best to satisfy you and your customers.

Wait a second! Didn’t we mention that it is affordable too? If we could help you satisfy your customer’s satisfaction, why wouldn’t we think about YOU – our endeared customers who deserve the best in all aspects. So, get ready to join us in creating a world where innovation and creativity meets together making life easier.

Got cleared of all the questions and doubts! Satisfied that our AppCustomizer is a complete online product designer tool which is fully loaded with pre-requisites that are beyond your imagination!

Come on, create your own signature and be a trend setter! Keep updating yourself in this android world to prevent from getting uninstalled. To know more about our features, click here.

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